Structure Of The Day

To ensure fairness and equity between entrants, the allocated judging time should be observed. This means that entrants have a maximum of three hours (population categories) or two hours (single issue categories) to impress the judges.

During the visit, the judges will be introduced to the community representatives and will typically visit the showcase locations and places of interest relevant to that entry.

Formal Presentation

There is a mandatory formal presentation (20 minutes) at the beginning of the visit, followed by ten minutes of questions and answers.  After that, how you use the time is up to you.  The formal presentation has been introduced to help you to convey to the judging committee exactly why you should win the Pride of Place competition.

The presentation should highlight the work being done by the community group and should demonstrate the commitment, co-operation and spirit that exists in the area. As it is likely that you will use PowerPoint for your presentation, your Liaison Officer can assist in this area.

Some guidelines for inclusion in your presentation:

  • Background information about the area
  • Why the project/s was/were undertaken
  • Perceived community benefits
  • Planning the project
  • Type of work
  • People involved
  • How the money was raised
  • Interactions with local council and other community groups
  • Community feedback to date
  • Future plans

Supplemental Materials

Please provide a hard copy of the presentation to each of the judges for further consideration.

Further background information may also be provided, but please keep it short, and soft copy is preferable.

If you must submit paper, please ensure it’s well bound and any photographs should be in a separate pouch and suitably captioned and contained in one document.