The running of the 2018 Pride of Place competition went very well indeed due to the dedication and professionalism of the Local Authority Liaison Officers to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude.

These guidelines are intended to facilitate the smooth running and operation of the competition from initial selection in February, March & April to the Awards Ceremony in November.

Application Forms and Entry Fee

Entry forms for all entries should be completed on line. One application form is required per entry. If you cannot access the on-line entry form or your browser is not up to date you may print off the appropriate attached form (Main Competition Form (PDF), Cities Competition Form (PDF), ) and forward to us by email.  If you require an invoice please indicate at application stage invoice address and any required purchase order number etc.

Names of Entries

In general the names of population category entries are designated by “area / location represented” on the application form. The names of ‘single issue’ entries are typically designated by the name of the participating community group or the initiative the group is involved in. This is important to remember as regards announcements from the podium at the Awards Ceremony. You should check with the judges that they have the correct wording and spelling on their schedules.

Population and Single Issue Categories

It is important to emphasise once again that the population categories cater for the ‘all-rounders’. Communities are judged on a variety of aspects of community life ranging from – provision for youth, to involvement with local business. The ‘single issue’ categories deal with specialist projects delivering a service in one particular area only – such as care of the elderly. The precise criteria will be available on the website.

Judging Process

  • Each visit will last a maximum of 3 hours (population categories) and 2 hours (theme categories) of which ½ hour will be by way of presentation. The presentation should be first. Kindly adhere to this.
  • The presentation time should allow for a ten-minute question and answer session by the judges. These time limits are not absolute and allowances are made for weather conditions, local circumstances etc, but as far as possible efforts should be made to comply with timings. You might consider a ‘dry run’ or appoint someone with a stopwatch to keep things moving.
  • In deference to the judges’ workload there is a maximum of two only judging visits per day.
  • Participants will be free to decide how they will deliver their presentations to the judges. It is anticipated however that many groups will elect to use Power Point for their presentations. It is expected that Liaison Officers will assist the relevant community groups in this area.
  • Participants should provide a copy of their presentation along with any background information to each of the judges for further consideration. This material will normally be non-returnable. Please ensure that all submissions are concise.
  • Lunch – if there are time constraints this can be done “on the hoof” or some alternative arrangement you might think suitable. A light lunch is always preferable.
  • This year, an uploaded photograph is required at application stage. See ‘Entry Photograph’ on application forms. This is for backup purposes only. As regards photography on the visit, each judging team is provided with a digital camera. Typically the judges will take 4 or 5 photos in each location. We like to get high quality photographs for the gala brochure and photo collage.
  • If an evening meal out (as opposed to the judges’ hotel) is being provided (your call and not a requirement) please bear in mind the judges’ full schedule; a finishing time of 10.00 pm would be much appreciated.
  • The judges will need time to consult and complete score sheets.