Supporting Local Enterprise

bal2The Judges Visited the Ballybane Enterprise Centre, Co. Galway in July!

The Ballybane Enterprise Centre is a charity organisation dedicated to providing ongoing community and business support for indigenous businesses in Galway. They work to foster relations between community and enterprise and their focus is to provide infrastructure and backing for small businesses and start-ups.
Currently the centre serves a number of clients which include:

  • The Irish Heart Foundation
  • Galway Community Counselling
  • Waste Management Solutions
  • LORG fine art print makers




Nurturing Small Business

The judges met with Michael Smyth, the manager of the centre and were given a tour of the centre and information on what Ballybane does for small businesses in Galway. The judges learnt about the facilities the centre has for nurturing of local enterprise, including:

  • Training and conference rooms
  • A charity retreat centre in Galway
  • Business units
  • Holistic suites

The judges left Ballybane with a few ideas as to where they could hold their next retreat!




For more information, visit the Ballybane Enterprise Centre Website or the Ballybane Enterprise Centre Facebook.