Community Centre for Music and the Arts, Dublin City

The Community Centre for Music and the Arts (CCMA), the brainchild of Sister Bernadette Sweeney, was officially opened by Mrs. Sabina Higgins in November 2013. The CCMA provides tuition to people of all ages. Whether you are new to music or learning to play an instrument, you will find something at this centre. Located in Crumlin and under the stewardship of Sr Bernadette Sweeney and her wonderful voluntary committee, the CCMA was established 2006 and has grown from a school orchestra/ parents orchestra to a Community Musical Society.

An Intergenerational project where age is irrelevant, it aims to bring all members of the community together to enjoy affordable music classes and other music and arts activities. Supported by Dublin City Council, the CCMA established The Memory Lane Choir. This fun choir is managed by a voluntary committee which provides a social outlet for older people, their carers /families with a particular welcome for people who experience memory loss and dementia.

The winning entry is in respect of a project and place that is thoroughly inclusive and holistic in effect. The judges on their visit were very impressed by the intergenerational nature of the initiative and the way in which it brought together all members of the community. Activities have now been extended to assist many charitable organisations. The Group established in 2006 has grown from a School Orchestra/ Parents Orchestra to a Community Musical Society. This is no elitist enterprise; the effect on the wider community is immediately apparent.