Something For Everyone

On 18 July, The Judges Visited Doughiska, Co. Galway

During the Celtic Tiger the rate of house building far outpaced the development of infrastructure and services which left a vibrant, young, multi-cultural Doughiska without local services and places to meet.

With the backing of Galway City Council and NUI Galway, a group of local people formed the Doughiska, Roscam, and Ardaun Community Development Company, and quickly set about compiling a ‘community profile, needs analysis and action plan’ through a household survey.

Since then local people have worked together, to create a community based on the wishes identified by the people.

During the Judge’s visit, they got to visit newly opened facilities such as:

  • Schools
  • Family resource centre, Church, and primary care centre
  • An improved bus service
  • Adult education courses
  • Pre-school, after school, and youth services
  • A new park and woodland area which is maintained both by the Galway City Council and local volunteer group Friends of Merlin Woods


Connect Intercultural Group Annual Festival attended by:

  • Brownies
  • Ladybirds and Guides
  • Merlin Woods FC  underage soccer team
  • Women’s social  group

These volunteer groups told the judges of the many ad hoc events such as:

  • Summer camps
  • National play day
  • Recreation week
  • National Bike Week

The Judges got to see that in Doughiska, there really is something for everyone. For more information about Doughiska, check out the Family Resource Centre Facebook