Welcome to our Liaison Officers

Dear Liaison Officers, welcome to this section of the Pride of Place website. This section has been created for you and here you will find the Application Forms, Entry Summary Form, Judging Criteria and our Logos.

The Key Dates for POP 2024 are:

  • 10th May
    Receipt of Entries
  • 7th June
    Receipt of Photos and Summaries
  • Mid-June – 6th September
    Judging Season
  • Saturday 2nd November
    Awards Ceremony 2024

Liaison Officer FAQs

The duration of a visit will be 3 hours for population-based entries (including islands, housing estates and urban neighbourhoods) and two and a half hours for the theme categories. These times are not absolute, and the judges will allow some latitude for winding up, running late etc.

Two is the maximum number per day – usually a morning judging visit starting at say 10.00 am and an afternoon visit starting at 2.00 pm (start times may vary). There may, of course, depending on the judging schedule, be just one single visit in any given day.

The standard format is a meet and greet opening followed by a presentation (20 minutes), Q and A session (10 minutes) and then walkabout. Other formats are possible depending on the Community / Group ‘s preference.

A member of the Pride of Place team will circulate a link via email. Simply click on this link and you will be brought to the Slotted page, with a list of dates and time slots.

Please select one slot per group (either a morning or afternoon session) and ensure your groups are judged consecutively.

You will then be assigned a pair of judges and the team will ask you to complete and return a judging schedule form.
If you want to change your judging slots, please contact the Pride of Place team at Co-operation Ireland.

The hosting council should provide hotel accommodation and meals for the judges for the duration of their stay. Transport arrangements can be made locally and on an ad hoc basis. We will send you a blank schedule form for completion and return to us, which is passed on to the judges.

The 3 important requirements are:

  1. Photos should be high resolution.
  2. Photos should be captioned.
  3. The orientation should be landscape rather than portrait.

For complete guidelines see Entry Summary Form – IPB Pride of Place Awards

The 3 important requirements are:

  1. Summaries should be no longer than 160 words.
  2. Avoid lists.
  3. Avoid 1st person singular and plural.

For complete guidelines see Entry Summary Form – IPB Pride of Place Awards

  • Accommodation details.
  • Contact details of liaison officer, i.e. mobile phone number
  • Time and place of first rendezvous with judges. (e.g. 9.30 am -hotel lobby).
  • Order of judging.

The process for nomination will vary from council to council. Popular methods include:

  • Some councils have their own ‘mini’ Pride of Place Competitions, which act as preliminary heats to the all-island competition.
  • Others ‘self-select’ entrants based on their knowledge of communities with whom they are involved.
  • Others seek applications through EOI forms advertised in the press and local media etc.