Category Four – Population Category 2,000 – 5,000

Winner: Athboy, Co Meath


Athboy Development Forum (ADF) was formed in 1996 to increase opportunities for positive social interaction and integration within the community of Athboy, Co Meath. There are currently over 60 groups and organisations that rely on access to multiple facilities supported by ADF for their activities. This ensures continuity of operations to deliver a range of services and interests for the adults and children of Athboy and the surrounding area. ADF engages with local groups and supports the stimulation, planning and evaluation of development plans and funding proposals for projects. These projects are important for sustainable growth within the community. A specific focus of ADF is to support the provision of services and activities for persons with special or additional needs. They also facilitate a number of youth services. Despite the recent Covid-19 closures they have been busy in the background, re-energising activities and progressing new & exciting projects including the opening of a new Digital Hub to support remote workers.

Community Contact: Karen Dalton

[email protected]


The overarching body here has delivered numerous innovative capital projects and crucially engages with many sections of the community. In so doing they have achieved a masterpiece of organization and co-ordination in the assistance and guidance made available to various groups within this go–ahead town.