Winner: Blue Teapot Theatre Company, Galway City

Blue Teapot is a multi-award winning Theatre Company, Performing Arts School and Outreach programme for people with intellectual disabilities at the forefront of arts & disability in Ireland. It is committed to high quality theatre, training and the celebration of creativity. Based in Galway City, Blue Teapot situates itself within an international movement of professional intellectual disabled theatre companies, driven by a desire, through meaningful work, to challenge societal notions and show intellectually disabled theatre as legitimate art for the mainstream. Four programme strands are delivered of which the main beneficiaries are: 58 participants between the Theatre Company, Performing Arts School and two Outreach projects – Bright Soul and Sparkle; 20 arts professionals annually contracted to teach, deliver accredited arts training and provide expertise in areas of artistry and technical theatre; twelve volunteers that support participants and tutors across four programmes; 50 independent users of our theatre, available to community arts practitioners; the wider Galway community.
Community Contact: Irene Brent [email protected]

Visiting the winning entry community arts initiative was a heart-warming experience for the judges. The judges were provided with an outstanding performance by students with intellectual disabilities who showed great confidence and ability. The organization, managed by a small team of dedicated professionals, supported by a board of directors with a range of professional skills, and sustained by a three-year well-structured program to develop performing arts skill, provides enormous opportunities for participants, particularly those with intellectual disabilities.

Runners up:
– Ranelagh Arts Centre, Dublin City
– Waterford Youth Arts