Upper AndersonstownThe Upper Andersonstown Community Forum (UACF) is a totally community led, community driven organisation established in 1995 in response to addressing identified community need. Operating from a derelict building over the years UACF has now established an effective, efficient and tractable record in managing projects. A comprehensive range of Community and Family Support Services is provided including, Social Economy Daycare provision, Youth Services, Steps to Work, Training Placements, Community Volunteering Scheme, Job Assist Programme, Support Programme for People with Disabilities to name but a few.

The UACF is the Lead and Accountable Agency for the Andersonstown Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership and through this work on a daily collaborative basis with Sure Start and Integrated Services for Children and Youth People. The Forum is established in many areas as an accredited centre of excellence and operates key activities on a daily basis involving work with families and other youth and community groups.

Runners up:
St Margaret’s Travellers Community Association Ltd, Dublin