Winner: Upper Springfield Area, West Belfast (represented by Glór na Móna)


Glór na Móna is a community development and youth organisation within the Upper Springfield area of West Belfast that works on two levels. Firstly, they promote Irish through educational, recreational, social and cultural events and, secondly, they develop services for the local Irish language community. Glor na Móna provides a wide range of services for all age groups within the Irish language community with a strong focus on youth and the development of youth services. Through fostering community ownership of the language, a sense of pride is instilled in the community adding to the promotion of a rich social and cultural life.

Community Contact: Feargal Maclonnrachtaigh
[email protected]


The judges were immediately impressed with the winning entry from the moment they arrived at the door. The welcome, diversity of the work, and the plans depicted a very hopeful and compelling future for this organization. In addition, the extent and reach of the project throughout the city effectively created confidence through the medium of the Irish language. The organization described the project as being “built on the shoulders of saints for the next generation:” the judges were inspired by this project where young people led by example.

Runner up: Victorian Quarter, Cork City