SHEP Earth Aware and Elders for Earth, Cork City

Cities Section : Category Five – Community Climate Action Initiative

Winner: SHEP Earth Aware and Elders for Earth, Cork City


SHEP Earth Aware and Elders for Earth are part of the community education and development organisation SHEP (Social and Health Education Project). Aiming to raise awareness about the climate and biodiversity crisis they work with a wide range of other groups to run courses, workshops etc. In 2019, collaborating with other groups, they organised the Cork Conference on Intergenerational Climate Justice in the City Hall. It brought together a panel of climate activists with an audience of more than 200, made up of equal numbers of teenagers and older people. In his keynote address President Michael D. Higgins said “We must urgently do everything we can as a gesture towards inter-generational solidarity to safeguard a benign future existence on this planet.” SHEP Earth Aware and Elders for Earth continue to explore and support ways in which they, as individuals, as members of the SHEP community, as members of other communities of various kinds, and as citizens, might deepen their cherishing of the earth and its people and contribute to constructive change.

Group Contact: Ruth Lynch, [email protected]


The winning entrants presented a compelling story on their subject matter. Their voluntary initiative was set up to create awareness; this they have achieved in no uncertain terms. Excellent, passionate and committed presenters told a persuasive story of climate chaos, climate justice, intergenerational justice and loss of bio-diversity.