Cities Section: Category One – Urban Neighbourhoods with a population under 3,000

Winner: Finglas, Dublin City


Over the last century Finglas has transformed from a small rural village to one of Dublin’s largest urban centres. From many counties and countries, with many ranging levels of ability, there has been a pulling together to make this village home and often in the face of adversity. This is the ethos at the heart of Finglas Tidy Towns. These words are put into action in the projects this group is passionate about. Examples are the community garden in the addiction support centre where plants are grown with those striving for recovery and the old church lane where the space is reclaimed with donated recycled planters and the help of St Canice’s GNS. Smaller environmental groups in surrounding estates are supported and brought together such as the Historical Society on St Patrick’s Well restoration, the Meeting Place who provide a garden for those with different abilities and the Travelling Community who started their fairy garden inspired by the Woodland Village garden.

Community Contact: Bernie Lillis
[email protected]


This is about a group, a driving force within the community, with a very strong volunteer base, who are passionate, inspirational, supportive and inclusive. They are building community AND having fun!