Winner: DEED Project, Derry City


DEED-Project,-Derry-CityDEED is a citywide project, which aims to develop the city as an inclusive place, where people with dementia are supported to live well. The idea of the DEED Project is to make the city dementia friendly! Its members are out and about in the city targeting businesses, organisations, community groups and individuals to participate in the dementia friendly community workshops for people who want to understand more about dementia and how to relate to, support and communicate with people living with it.

It also works with organisations to look at the small changes they can make, to make their environment more dementia friendly. The DEED project ultimately aims to make Derry a dementia friendly community and it hopes to inspire local communities, organisations and businesses to become more dementia aware and to make small changes to improve the day-to-day life of people struggling with the condition.


The Winner: the judges were impressed from the moment they arrived at this project and even more so by an excellent presentation by highly motivated and dedicated individuals supported by people who benefit from the project. The project based in a centre already making a major impact on people’s lives is focussed on developing by innovative means awareness, support and understanding throughout the wider community of those affected by dementia.

Runner up: West Community Garden, Galway City