Winner: Play Resource Warehouse, Belfast City

Play Resource's vision is to create a society where everyone has access to resources and opportunities which will enable their creativity and allow them to achieve their full potential as individuals. Any constituted group can become a member of Play Resource including schools, youth clubs, playgroups etc. Membership gives access to: a Scrapstore – a wonderful Aladdin's cave of non-toxic industrial waste material for use in creative activities where materials are sourced from industry and commerce – materials that would otherwise be thrown away but alternatively can be reused; a not-for- profit Art Shop where basic art and craft materials can be bought at discounted rates; and Creative Paths – access to a bespoke arts outreach programme with bursaries available. Play Resource is a successful and thriving social economy generating 58% of its own income. It is the only organisation of its kind in Northern Ireland.
Group Contact: Gail McGarvey [email protected]

The first of these is in the Cities Competition which features a project which is a fantastic resource for its member organisations. These include schools, youth clubs, churches and many more. Users can access a virtual Aladdin’s Cave of materials for use in creative activities. The social benefits cannot be overstated and there is the added value to suppliers who are able to move surplus stock from their premises. This model has been replicated successfully elsewhere