Winner: The Three Drives Estate, Tipperary

The Three Drives Family Resource Centre (FRC) project is located in Tipperary East Urban ED and is recorded as being the most disadvantaged of the 5 ED’s, which fall into this category in South Tipperary with a deprivation index of – 14.8%. In response to the needs of the local community the local authority allocated two vacant houses to a group of local residents, subsequently refurbished through a FAS project to use as a base for local activities. From the earliest days the voluntary board of management recognised the importance of creating community participation and ownership of the FRC. It has been achieved through consultation with the community and through the development of strong interagency participation and networking locally. In recognition of all the positive work the Local Authority allocated a further three houses. This has allowed innovative and stand- alone projects to be developed to support individuals and families in the community.
Community Contact: Terry O’Connor [email protected]

The judges received a memorable and heart-warming welcome from the residents of the category winning estate. This is a huge story of perseverance, innovation and significant collaboration down the years. The presentations were short, to the point and delivered a powerful message. A wide range of much needed and valued services is being delivered.

Runner up: Rathdrum Housing Estate, Virginia, Co Cavan