KnockaineyKnockaney has a newly established vibrant, active and hard-working Community Council (KCC). There is great community support with clubs and organisations working to improve life quality for the community. Since establishment KCC has provided a Community Office, Community Magazine, award winning Tidy Towns, Community Newsletter, Community Alert, Defibrilator Training, Community Pre-school, Community Festival event (Village Fair), Community Alert and Community Centre (community run) for the people none of which was in existence in 2009.

KCC policy is to establish sub-committees to develop the various initiatives, using both KCC and other community members. Under its auspices a private pre-school has been taken over, a community pre-school established and the running of the Community Centre overseen.

All the committees operate independently but report to KCC. Community members can be co-opted to add a particular skill set.

Runners up:
Ballynacargy, Co Westmeath
Bonniconlon Community Development Group, Co Mayo