Milton Malbay, ClareMilltown Malbay has a remarkable and resilient resource in its people who show a wonderful community spirit that proves volunteerism is alive and well in West Clare. In common with other small towns there are lots of diverse groups, associations and organisations and, when required all sectors of the Milltown Malbay community come together and act as one.

A common goal is to make Milltown Malbay the best place to live, work and or visit. Fundamental to achieving this goal is having the right mix of people all willing to roll up their sleeves and get involved in the interest of town and community.

This is a town that has maximised the full potential of its annual festival, which has gone from strength to strength.  A disused school premises has been transformed into a vibrant community resource. And the private sector has shown courage and vision in developing a sizeable supermarket and other community facilities.

This is a town very much on the move.

Runners up:
Kilmore Quay Community, Co Wexford
Horseleap Streamstown, Co Westmeath