Winner: Ballyphehane, Cork City


Ballyphehane,-Cork-CityBallyphehane Community is a parish situated on the Southside of Cork City, which was developed in the late 1940’s. The community has a well-developed and laid out infrastructure, with green areas and tree lined roads, it also has a variety of services clustered together in a prime location to cover a wide range of social and health needs including shopping centres, chemists, hairdressers and a number of community/social facilities. These include a busy health centre, a vibrant community development project, a well-used community association, four schools and a community library to name but a few. Ballyphehane is a charming, vibrant and lively place to live in and treasures its strong community spirit. The wide variety of community initiatives available in Ballyphehane includes older women’s groups, arts and crafts initiatives, life-long learning opportunities and all of these initiatives impact positively on the wider social, health and community benefits for those lucky enough to live in this community.


The winning entry was in respect of a lovely community that has created a village feel to their place despite being in a busy urban area. The judges were immediately aware that all sectors have crucial support for their social and community needs. This is ensured by a very committed and energised community group.

Runner up: Blessington Street Basin Community, Dublin City