Blackwater Women’s Group, Co Kerry

Founded in 2002 the Blackwater Women’s Group has developed over the years to fulfil its mission statement ‘to enhance the lives of the women and their families in the greater Blackwater area’. The group’s success lies in its open and inclusive nature, diverse membership, varied skill base and the ongoing interest and energy of the community. Successfully combining an emphasis on education and self-development with having fun and promoting friendships, they are well attuned to responding to the needs of all age groups in their catchment area. Monthly meetings are the spawning ground for creative ideas which have resulted in many innovative projects from writing original plays, to documenting the area through film, photography, exhibitions and book publications. The presence of this adventurous group in Blackwater helps to address the isolation and disadvantage of living in a sparsely populated rural location. The Blackwater Tavern is the focal point for all their activities, many of which are open to the wider community.

Group Contact: Helena Switzer [email protected]

“………………a vibrant community group making a real difference in peoples’ lives as they have succeeded in combatting loneliness through the extraordinary actions of a number of dedicated people……….”