Community Wellness Empowerment Leadership & Life Skills, Limerick City
Winner of Category NineteenThis project brings together community partners, university staff and students through practice-based, educational activities to work collaboratively and build capacity in well-being and lifestyle education within the local community, commencing in St. Mary’s with the objective of future rollout in other disadvantaged areas. The aim of the project is to deliver a programme in well-being and life style education in St Marys Community, thereby empowering communities through education, to better contribute to their own well-being and healthier life-styles.
The programme focuses on maximizing the practice of good mental and physical health and empowering people to lead and sustain positive change in their community. Its approach to learning empowers participants to effect positive change in their well-being and life-styles within their own community. It builds leadership capacity within the community and strengthens local communities by enabling and supporting engagement with the community and promoting social inclusion through developing local projects in the area of health and well-being.

Judges’ Citation

This is a unique project, designed by the residents of Kings Island in consultation with the University of Limerick, with the overall objective of improving the wellbeing of a
disadvantaged area and promoting healthier lifestyles for the residents of the community. It will empower people to lead and sustain positive change in their daily lives. It is early days of the project and the judges concur that it will be interesting to see the evaluation results when the project is completed in December 2015.