Maharees Coastal Area

The Maharees Peninsula is an area of outstanding natural beauty and is one of the best examples of a tombolo in Ireland. The Maharees, together with Tralee Bay to the east and Brandon Bay to the west, make up an extensive complex of coastal habitats and support a rich variety of wildlife, including Ireland’s endangered Natterjack Toad. The peninsula is part of the ‘Tralee Bay and Maharees Peninsula, West to Cloghane Special Area of Conservation (SAC)’ and is designated as such under the EU Habitats Directive for a variety of habitats that it supports. Maharees Conservation Association CLG is a coastal community group which engages a wide-ranging network of volunteers. Working collaboratively with agencies and stakeholders such as Kerry County Council, NUI Galway, NPWS, Clean Coasts an Taisce and IT Tralee, its work is devoted to protecting the coastline and natural heritage of the Maharees, raising awareness of the cultural and ecological importance of the area and ensuring the viability of the Maharees community.

Community Contact: Helena Switzer [email protected]

“…………notable not just as an area of great natural beauty, but distinguished by a dedicated local group working to ensure a sustainable approach to conservation that is exemplary and a model for others to follow……………..”