Special Awards
Galway City Water Safety Co-ordination Group

Each year tragically a number of deaths take place in Galway’s Waterways and a co-ordinated approach was needed to Search and Recover. This involved statutory and volunteer organisations: Garda, Fire Brigade, Civil Defence, Coast Guard, Galway Lifeboat, Oranmore / Maree Search and Rescue. By having a co-ordinated approach the coast can be searched in a professional and more effective way. This co-ordination has led to initiatives of prevention and education taking place with the City Council, Students Unions and businesses involved. The very first thermal imaging cameras have been installed on the river Corrib, these are alarmed when someone enters the water and monitored in Garda Station. A tracking device has been developed through funding of students, assisting the Fire Station recovering a person from water. A new waterways patrol, Claddagh Watch, run by volunteers over the 5km of waterways in city centre has begun. This co-ordinated approach has cut out duplication, raised awareness and offers support to each organisation

Group contact: Fiona Griffin, [email protected]


“……a really top class project with excellent volunteers working alongside state services in an invaluable search, rescue and recovery operation………….”