Winner: Liskennet Farm, St Joseph’s Foundation, Co Limerick

Liskennett is a recently opened new development for children and adults. It incorporates an Equestrian Centre/open farm, a day centre and residential service. The Equestrian Centre/open farm is committed to improving and enriching the lives and opportunities to over 900 children and adults with autism/learning disability, while working in partnership with the local community providing a multi-purpose facility. The main features of the Equestrian Centre will include: Equine Assisted Learning; Equine Care; Animal Therapy ; Horse Riding; Accredited Training; and Occupational Work like Activities. The day programme offered in Liskennett includes Arts and Crafts, Gardening, Equine Therapy, Hill Walking, Multi- Sensory, Music Therapy, as well as Swimming at St. Joseph’s Foundation. Service users also enjoy the local community for social and recreational purposes. Residential/ Respite accommodation comprises of 16 apartments and the Community/Farmhouse/Stable and Courtyard Apartments. The development is designed to give a Step In, Step Down and Step Out model of service.
Group Contact: David Doyle [email protected]


The next award goes to a truly inspiring initiative focussing on the well-being of a target group. It demonstrated what can be achieved with attention to detail, single mindedness and dedication in delivering a service that is making a real difference. The testimonials from the families of the end users were telling indeed. Positive care and support is required for persons who have autism. It is being provided here in this wonderful rural setting.