“We Make It What It Is”


On 16 July, The Judges Visited Swinford, Co. Mayo.

A large crowd gathered on the day to help out with the judging. Mayo County Councillor Michael Smyth expressed how happy he was with the turnout saying,

We are only as strong as our weakest link. Many of our community members have worn their jerseys in support and have enjoyed success. Now they have stepped up to give back.

The day began at the Swinford Cultural Centre where they discussed ongoing projects and goals associated with Swinford, namely:

  • Tackling social exclusion
  • Establishment of resident’s associations
  • Provision of childcare facilities


The Busy Hub of Swinford

At the Swinford cultural centre, various organisations came out to represent their community. There were representations from the:

  • Fishing Club
  • Golf Club
  • Tri Sport Club
  • Walking and Swimming Clubs

For more information on Swinford community in Mayo, visit the Swinford website or check out the Swinford Facebook Page.