Galway’s Strongest Team

On 19 July, the Judges Visited Woodquay Rowing Club, Co. Galway

The judges were greeted with a warm reception at the Galway Rowing Club in Woodquay, Co. Galway. They were treated to a detailed presentation about the club and its role in the community. It provides a place for locals to socialise and train with annual events and competitions.

The judges were given a tour of the clubhouse where the members meet. It is something of a social hub for the community, providing the space for events. Weddings are a popular event to take place in the clubhouse, as Sarah Curran explains:

We had our wedding reception in the rowing club and it was the most amazing venue and an absolute credit to everyone involved.


To The Waters… And The Wild!

One of the highlights was to see the rowers in action!  How they zoomed and spliced through the water, impressing the judges and the crowd who had gathered.  The rowing display was a reminder of the benefits that exercise and in particular, team sports brings to local communities.


In conversation with the local people, the judges learnt of the issues that the clubhouse has had in recent years. Lack of funding and old age had brought the Galway Rowing Club into some disrepair. However the community has stepped in to support the building and a new roof will soon be going under construction. This is a testament to the important bearing it has on the community.
The judges left, inspired by the determination of the community surrounding the Galway Rowing Club and the speed of the rowing teams!


For more information, visit the Woodquay Rowing Club Facebook.