Overview of the 2024 Competition:

The IPB Pride of Place Competition is open to all local community groups, but entries are by way of local authority only. Community groups interested in entering should contact their local council. Entries can be made in general population categories or in the ‘single issue’ categories. Single issue categories will be judged on the specifics of that specialist category. Population categories will be judged on all aspects of community living.

Each local authority may nominate groups in up to a maximum of five categories and one entry only in any individual category.

The entry forms are located on the liaison officer page. Here you will also find the 2024 logos, frequently asked questions, judging criteria and information brochure.


The categories open for the 2024 competition include population categories, single issue theme categories as well as other non-population categories.

  • Population – 0-300
  • Population – 300-1000
  • Population – 1000-2000
  • Population – 2000-5000
  • Population Over 5000
  • Creative Communities
  • Climate Action and Biodiversity
  • Community Youth Initiative
  • Inclusive Communities
  • Community Wellbeing Initiative
  • Community Tourism Initiative
  • Age Friendly Communities
  • Urban Neighbourhoods and Housing Estates

*An Urban Neighbourhood is a defined are of a city, town or suburban place.

Cities Competition

  • Urban Neighbourhood/ Village under 3000
  • Urban Neighbourhood/ Village over 3000
  • Creative Communities
  • Climate Action and Biodiversity
  • Community Youth Initiative
  • Inclusive Communities
  • Community Wellbeing Initiative

Entry to Competition 2024:

Kindly note that there are 2 steps to complete in this year’s competition:

(1) Entry Form (Deadline: 10th May 2024)

(2) Summary Form (Deadline: 7th June 2024)

These online entry forms are located on the liaison officer page.

(1) Entry Form:

  • Entries can be made online, to be received by 10th May 2024.
  • Please remember to submit the correct type of form (either Cities, or All Other Entries).
  • Please carefully check the name of the group and the category. We will use your wording/spelling for all our publications and for trophy engraving, so do let us know if there are any errors in your submission.
  • After submitting an entry, you will receive an acknowledgement email.

(2) Summary Form:

  • The summary form is located here and must be completed and returned by 7th June 2024.
  • The entry summary must be no longer than 160 words and detail the activities of the community or group. It should be written in the third person and avoid the use of lists or the naming of personalities.
  • The photograph should be 1MB in file size and supplied at a minimum of 1478px X 1240px in landscape orientation. We strongly recommend against supplying photographs taken with a camera phones as the file size and quality often tend to be insufficient for reproduction in the Souvenir Brochure. Please see the Summary Form page for further guidance around photos.

Please refer to the liaison officer page for more information about entering the competition.

If you require further support or clarification with your submissions, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Cooperation Ireland:

Hazel Scott [email protected]