Please use the information below as a guideline for the competition.

The 2024 Pride of Place Competition will be judged by the IPB Pride of Place judging panel using the existing judging criteria. Below is information on the criteria by which applicants will be judged.

Description and background of your community or initiative.

The judges will be interested in hearing about your community/initiative, area, and relevant background details. In addition, other useful information for the judges would include detail about the operation and structure of your community/initiative and how it is supported.

Community participation and impact on community/area

The judges are keen to learn more about how the community or initiative/project reaches out to individuals and groups in the wider community, for example, youth, minorities, new communities and vulnerable members of the community. They are also interested to hear about the impact and benefits of your work on the local community. Provide some detail on the type of activities your community/initiative undertakes, some information on its interaction with the local council, local agencies and local business and its impact on the built, natural environment and climate change.


There are many inspiring examples of community innovation and resilience across the island and the judges would be very interested to hear how your community/group demonstrated this during a difficult time and any other example of innovation you would like to include.


The judges are interested in hearing about your future plans. Please give examples of initiatives, financial planning and succession planning to demonstrate sustainability. Please include any examples you deem relevant to your submission.