Category Six – Creative Place Initiative
Winner: Girley Bog Meitheal, Kells, Co Meath,


The Girley Bog Meitheal was set up to work in partnership with landowners and the local community to manage, conserve and communicate the heritage value of Girley Bog. The group includes representatives from the local community, state agencies, local authority, NGOs, researchers, and local businesses and landowners. They are members of the Community Wetlands Forum, a national network for community groups involved in wetland conservation. The Meitheal runs annual events including guided bog walks, butterfly workshops, community outreach, and other wildlife and conservation activities. Bogs like Girley Bogare very special habitats, home to a unique community of plants and animals. They provide a range of benefits for people too and are great places to visit. When bogs are wet, they also keep carbon locked up and can contribute to Ireland meeting its climate change commitments. This year, the Meitheal will be promoting the use of peat-free alternatives for gardeners and businesses in Kells.

Community Contact: Karen Dalton, [email protected]


The winning entry concerns a group of like-minded people who have come together to manage a precious resource. Their greatest challenge lies in the sustainability of the project into the future. However, the absolute commitment of the members was immediately obvious to the judges on the day of their visit. Here is a very special habitat that is in very capable hands. Conservation activities, guided walks, workshops and community outreach are all part of a truly admirable enterprise.

Runners Up: Solohead Parish Centenary Committee, Co Tipperary, and Zero Waste Community Garden, Rathcoffey, Co Kildare.