Winner: Corduff, Co Dublin, Fingal Council Area

Work began on building the Corduff estate, as we know it today in the 1970s but the initial use of the name Corduff was recorded over 800 years ago in 1256. There have been many significant changes to the local area during those millennia. Back then it was a case of “the cart before the horse” with houses built first and only rudimentary services in place for the community. Young families filled the estate and often felt isolated due to the very basic transport and communications services of the day. Corduff struggled through those years with many social issues, but resilience and community spirit was always evident, even in the darkest days of gang culture and crime. Today, through personal development, clubs, agencies, strong partnership work and great volunteerism, Corduff is proud to present its vibrant and confident community and to show-case the bright future all have worked so hard to provide for the next generation.

Community Contact: Rafe Costigan [email protected]

After being greeted by singing from the local school, the judges heard a great story of endeavour, initiative, determination, partnership and achievement to be justifiably proud of. The very well attended presentation in the community resource centre, which reflected on the community’s endeavours and meeting a number of the community groups all created an expectation that our tour of this area would visibly show the fruits of the community’s hard work and drive. This community through its resilience and community spirit have managed many major social issues making them a worthy winner.

Runner Up: St Mark’s Parish Tallaght (St Mark’s Youth Club), South Dublin Council Area