Winner: Mayo Masters GAA Team
The Gaelic Masters Association was formed in 2010. It runs the annual Gaelic Masters Football competition for veteran players aged 40 and over. The profile of the competition has increased considerably in past number of years with exposure of the competition on satellite and national TV. The positive healthy lifestyle that the association promotes has been well recognised by many local groups and organisations in the West of Ireland. Their motto has always been;” We don’t stop playing football because we get old, quite the opposite, we get old because we stop playing football”.


This award is an excellent example of what can be achieved when people in sport at the highest level collaborate by continuing on involvement in an approach of inclusion, reaching out and companionship in a community health initiative. The initiative, which involves a GAA Football Competition for veteran players aged 40 and over, has a very supportive sponsor and the judges are in no doubt as to its future viability.