Community Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Life Skills

Judges Visit To St Mary’s Community, King’s Island, Limerick.

The CWELL Programme stands for Community Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Life Skills. It was developed by local community groups, community activists, and University of Limerick staff to meet the needs of people in St. Mary’s Community.  The needs, identified by local people in focus groups:

  • Positive mental health
  • Physical health
  • Personal development


The CWELL Programme aims to bring together St Mary’s community, university staff and students through practice-based, educational activities that promote well-being and lifestyle education. 


It’s Not Only Students Who Learn

On the day of the judging visit, judges were introduced to University of Limerick students who spoke about the positive impact that CWELL has had on their lives to date and will have on the community in the future.

The students have finished their first semester and, although many challenges have arisen, the students and the project management group have worked hard to overcome them.

For more information about the CWELL project, check out the University of Limerick website.

The students took part in a promotional video last year showing the aims and goals of the programme.