No Creak In Their Springs!

On 22 July, the Judges Visited Dublin to Learn About Eco-Mattress Recycling

Eco Mattress was set up as a social economy enterprise. They provide training and back to work experience programmes while being environmentally conscious. The business is committed to reducing the amount of waste material going to landfill sites, in particular mattresses. The materials in mattresses and bed bases are 100% recyclable once broken down correctly. Eco-Mattress Recycling provides one of the only services in the country that effectively facilitates the recycling and re-selling of these materials.

They offer a range of services such as:

  • Green solutions to mattress disposal
  • Kindling free of charge to wholesalers
  • 100% recycling on all waste collected
  • Door to door mattress collection

Efficiency Is Key

The judges learned how Eco Mattress Recycling efficiently collects mattresses over the entire city for recycling. They do both business and private collections by appointment – servicing the North side of the city every Wednesday, and the South side every Friday.
After collection the waste is broken down and separated. The materials are then sold on to interested companies – such as steel manufacturers or scrap companies. In the past year, the business has successfully prevented over 170 tonnes of waste from going to the landfill.


eco mattress 2


Education Matters

Representatives of the business gave a brief overview of the company. They explained that Eco Mattress Recycling is the sole recycling institute of mattresses. The judges learnt that the business was due to save over 600 tonnes in the next year with increasing support from the community.

But mattress recycling is not the only good work that the business does. Through training programmes they have given volunteers new skills and ethos for working while being environmentally conscious. Complimented by FETAC-attributed courses the business gives hope to many people going back to work or trying to get involved in recycling enterprise. They provide in-house training and support to these trainees, and have recently taken on one permanent member of staff. They hope to increase this in 2015.

The judges left Eco Mattress Recycling inspired by the fusion of environmentally conscious work and support for trainee employees.

eco mattress 1

For more information visit the Eco Mattress Recycling website.