Kileely’s Hub Of Activity

On 23 June The Judges Visited St Munchin’s Community Centre, Kileely, Co. Limerick.


They were greeted by members and staff of the Community Centre. One of the staff members said:

St. Munchin’s Community Centre has had an active role in promoting and developing community involvement within the Parish since its establishment in 2005.The community centre has developed a broad representative base from within the community centre.


Serving The Local Community

The Judges learned about the aims of the centre:

  • Provide a central hub accommodating local service providers
  • Provide a meeting place for local voluntary groups
  • To address and overcome social isolation and exclusion
  • Identify and respond to local needs

munchin 2

There’s Something For Everyone

All of the board of management are voluntary. The met and spoke with the judges and discussed how they regularly meet to ensure ongoing projects are carried out and all the local needs are being addressed.

The centre hosts several services such as:

  • Community Café
  • Catering
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Breakfast Club
  • Bingo
  • Classes
  • Gardening
  • Youth Clubs
  • Dance Company

After witnessing the local clubs and the enthusiasm shown by it’s members, the judges left Kileely with a nice send off from the locals.

Visit the St. Munchin’s Community Centre website to find out all the latest news.  Or check out St. Munchins on Facebook.




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