Dingle Food Festival, Co Kerry

Category Six:  Creative Place Initiative

Winner: Dingle Food Festival, Co Kerry


The Dingle Food Festival was established in 2007 by volunteers from Dingle Food Businesses and the Dingle Food Community. The aim of the festival is to showcase the Dingle Peninsula as an all year-round Food Tourism Destination that promotes local food business, local food and local food producers. The Festival is run by volunteers and prides itself as being an inclusive rather than exclusive food festival – there are no black-tie events. The ethos of the festival is community-based food festival with Taste Trails, Farmers Markets, Workshops, Food Education events, Sustainability events, Children’s Events, Arts, and Entertainment with community at its heart.

Group Contact: Liz O’Donnell, [email protected]


This is the story of a well-known and long established event that is truly community based and built around a town. It is about food offerings and local suppliers, with local sponsorship.  The creativity is in the local sourcing food and its presentation, which the judges thought innovative and outstanding.