Cities Section: Category Four – Community Wellbeing Initiative

Winner: Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership, Newry City


The Newry Neighbourhood Renewal Partnership was established in February 2005, as an advisory body to the DSD. It is an inter-sectoral partnership, tasked with driving the delivery of the Department’s ‘People and Place’ Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy within Newry. The Partnership comprises members from the statutory, community/voluntary and private sectors. Each of the nine social housing areas within the Neighbourhood Renewal boundary have active community associations in place and all are represented on the Partnership. Neighbour Renewal is about closing the gap between the quality of life for people in the most deprived neighbourhoods and the rest of society. Neighbourhood Renewal has adopted a long-term (10 – 15 year) approach to practical and co-ordinated action at a local level and has four interlinking strategic objectives of: 1) Community Renewal, 2) Economic Renewal, 3) Physical Renewal and 4) Social Renewal.

Group Contact: Kerri Morrow

[email protected]


Here is a story of delivery of strategic objectives and making a real difference in the lives of residents of an area. Excellent presentations on a myriad of projects and evidence of a highly effective grassroots approach convinced the judges of a high level of commitment and achievement.