Cities Section: Category Three – Creative Place Initiative

Winner: Tuatha of Terryland Forest Park, Galway City

Terryland Forest Park is Ireland’s largest urban public woodland project of modern times. Initiated in 1996 by community activists, it covers an area of over 120 acres comprising a range of diverse habitats including waterways, woods, meadows, pasture and limestone outcrops which are home to a fantastic array of native Irish flora and fauna. The park was founded as a partnership between Galway City Council and representatives from the community, educational, scientific, artistic and environmental sectors to act as a ‘carbon sink’, a biodiversity sanctuary, an outdoor classroom and a recreational facility for Galwegians. Its primary strength has been its grassroots volunteerism in evidence from its inception in March, 2000 when 3000+ Galwegians of all ages came to plant the first trees. Today it is estimated it contains c100,000 trees, with the Tuatha continuing its community ethos through ongoing tree planting, creating wildflower meadows, developing sculpture trails, introducing information signage and providing guided tours.

Group Contact: TiarnanMcCusker

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This group in partnership with their Council has created a bio-diversity sanctuary, that is at once educational, scientific and artistic – a terrific example of how climate change can and is being tackled.