Winner: McAuley Place, Naas, Co Kildare

Founded in 2000, McAuley Place is a voluntary not for profit organisation that provides an alternative model of housing for older people while incorporating on site intergenerational facilities. These facilities support intergenerational solidarity, the transfer of skills and opportunities for lifelong learning in a creative setting. The focus is on creating a vibrant community in a stimulating environment and supporting opportunities for social engagement for all ages. McAuley Place consists of 53 apartments, a community centre, arts & culture centre, tea rooms, a volunteer hub, and a charity shop. The development of a health through learning centre adjoining an urban woodland garden had just been completed. McAuley Place is designed to the highest standards and is located in the heart of Naas Town. It has received national and international recognition and has been recommended by President Higgins as a national exemplar.
Group Contact: Mark Hazzard [email protected]

This is a unique and heart-warming entry in the Age Friendly category. What has been created here in this non-profit organisation is an intergenerational and creative model of living for older people. Consisting of apartments, a community centre, an arts and cultural centre, a profit making tea room and a volunteer hub, it promotes a lifestyle for the elderly that is truly inclusive within the locality.

Runners up:
– Positive Age Cavan
– Rural Men’s Project, Co Kerry