Winner: Garden City & Crestwood Estates, Co Meath

This estate is located in the town of Ashbourne in south Co Meath. Ashbourne is a busy growing town. The residents here come from all over the world and work together to make this estate a great place in which to live. With a large footfall through the estate the Resident Association works with the local schools’ administrators to promote awareness of the benefits of a litter free environment and to promote a correct litter disposal culture. The residents of the estate work together to maintain a number of communal lawns and weekly group clean-ups are held. Community furniture, artwork and planting have been installed. Flower tubs and hanging flower baskets are maintained using collected rain water. Residents also liaise with the Council to maintain the estate to the highest standard. The Residents Association meets every 2/3 weeks, the group clean-ups enable the residents to keep in contact and address any issues that arise.

Community Contact: Karen Dalton [email protected]

The judges were particularly impressed with the pristine condition of this large housing area, the absence of litter and the involvement of the school in various projects to promote a clean environment that can be enjoyed by all the residents. The residents work together to maintain the 21 acres of open space. Weekly cleanups and the promotion of benefits of a litter free environment are keys to their success. The wild flower garden, the bug hotels and the various artworks throughout the estate are further examples of the creativity and initiative of this very passionate and committed Residents Association.

Runners Up: Ard Mc Gill Estate, Co Donegal and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Estate Management Fora