Winner: Newpark Close, Kilkenny City


Newpark Close is a County Council urban neighbourhood built on the outer edges of Kilkenny City. When the houses were originally built in the early seventies there were few services or facilities near the area and the residents began to experience a sense of isolation. This sense of isolation and social exclusion led to a community development movement in Newpark Close that continues to this day. The original founders, with support from Kilkenny Social Services raised the money to build a community based Family Support Centre in 1976. Over the years the investment in community (voluntary and financial) has led to the addition of many amenities and services including a Family Resource Centre, a purpose built childcare building accommodating 165 children daily, a recent regeneration project, a training house and gardens, a community garden, the development of the Local Fen as a natural amenity, a sports field and a three way astro turf court.

Community Contact: Sheila Donnell [email protected]


The very impressive winner of category eleven is a long standing community development movement, which was set-up as a response to social exclusion and isolation. Over the years the unfailing and continued intergenerational investment in the community both voluntary and financial has led to the addition of many wonderful amenities and services. The sustained efforts of this community over the years to build on and harness the success of previous generations truly inspired the judges.
Runners Up: Ballyroan, South Dublin County Council Area and Lisnamult, Roscommon Town