Winner: Back of the Pipes Residents Association/Flanagan’s Fields Community Garden, Dublin City


This once brown derelict sight has been turned into a green oasis surrounded by community endeavour, a hub that reflects those around it. The Garden is licensed to the Back of the Pipes Residents Association (BOTP) by Dublin City Council and in its short existence the community has grown to include other groups and individuals throughout the community. It also welcomes programmes and ideas that reinvent the garden year on year, such as its use by The Bridge Project and The Parent and Toddler Group. The garden reflects the work that these associations do to facilitate groups working together for their community through events such as Bloomsday on the Barn, National Women’s Day, Ramadan and Christmas Carols. The work they do, promoting Youth Groups, Men’s Shed, Day Care and Creche Facilities, is intrinsically connected to the garden and insures its fullest potential as a community space.

Group Contact: Bernie Lillis [email protected]


The transformation from an area prone to anti-social behaviour to an inclusive Community Garden with membership open to anyone in the area inspired the judges. The garden is farmed collectively and produces food that everyone can share and enjoy. This completely volunteer led group engages in a range of activities to improve their local neighbourhood and reflects the essence of what it means to promote pride in your area. Gardens, flowers and plants now replace litter black spots in a remarkable neighbourhood transformation.

Runner Up: Newry Rainbow Community