Cork Street Pastors

Cork Street Pastors began in July 2012 as a multi-denominational, voluntary organisation caring mainly for young people socialising at night. They look out and care for those in vulnerable situations and exposed to harm. There are 18 volunteers from seven different nations in teams of 3-5 uniformed volunteers who receive approximately 30 hours training. They operate between 10.30pm and 4.00am every Saturday night and special occasions such as UCC RAG, Freshers and Leaving Certificate night. They carry rucksacks holding flip flops, bottles of water, thermal blankets, lollipops and a dustpan and brush. Since 2012, they have distributed nearly 3,000 pairs of flip flops and removed over 19,200 glass bottles. Hundreds of people have been safeguarded, assisted to taxis or helped home and have received first-aid or protection until ambulance crews arrive. Sometimes, making a call for a distressed person who has lost their phone or providing a listening ear and a chat is all that is required.

Community Contact: Nuala Stewart [email protected]

“…………the impact that well trained, multi-denominational volunteers are having on the safety of a city, with their work being widely acknowledged and used as a model for other cities to follow………….”