Winner: CLG Cuar an Chláir Health & Wellbeing Team, Co. Clare


In an era of increasing rural isolation, CLG Cuar an Chláir Health & Wellbeing Team, a group of willing volunteers has tackled such a malaise, head-on. The team, now the heartbeat of the community, has reached out to engage with the locals regardless of profile, to ensure full inclusion. The group reaches out to active and importantly non-active members of the community initiating and succeeding in running events such as Together on Thursday – Coffee Morning with Learnings, Family Walks, Mature Movers, Jive Classes and an Art Competition for the upcoming emblem. Plans are now in motion for further initiatives including gardening, comedy nights, outdoor fitness, health forum, recruitment forum as well as the relaunch of local youth club & drama society. The plan is to strive to grow and offer the area the spirit of a healthy mind and body all whilst improving daily lives in the communities.

Group Contact: Malin Kelly [email protected]


“…….an initiative highlighting the unique strength and penetrative power of the GAA to promote a wide range of measures that improve social integration and go far beyond the requirements of the playing population to benefit the wider community…….”