Winner: Erica’s Fairy Forest

Erica’s fairy forest, located in the beautiful surrounding of Halton’s Amenity Park, allows children of all ages as well as local schools to discover fairy doors, a worry plaque, a wishing chair, picnic areas, fairy post box, hobbit door and dummy collection. Every season sees new themes and events such as the free Easter Egg Trail, attended by over 1000 children. A local committee has been established for upkeep and event management, working closely with Cootehill Area Development. It has inspired local artists to commission pieces of art displayed within the forest. Local businesses have benefitted from increased tourism. Erica’s Fairy Forest was created by Erica’s parents to honour her memory and belief in fairies. During Erica’s challenge of childhood cancer the local community fundraised to support the family. Erica died before benefiting from these funds, however they made the fairy forest possible. It is a heartfelt ‘Thank you’ from Erica’s family to the community.

Group Contact: Natasha O’Draighneain [email protected]


“…a wonderful tribute to the memory of Erica and the challenge of childhood cancer this community based project has given tremendous solace and support to Erica’s family and friends and to the wider community….”