Winner: Fore, Co. Westmeath


Fore is a tiny village tucked into a glacial valley in north Westmeath. The people share beautiful surroundings with the handsome built heritage of Ireland’s ancient and medieval past. The community has a specific focus on working together to support where needed, provide where necessary and help where required. The traditional values of the rural meitheal have transferred from the fields and into groups so a wealth of talent and skills is brought to a diverse range of activities including fundraising, coaching, training, arts, music, drama, mindfulness and tourism. And sometimes it is just about creating a time to catch up. The community works closely with groups in neighbouring villages and are fortunate to occupy a county corner where there is ongoing socialising with communities in Cavan, Longford and Meath.

Community Contact: Una D’Arcy [email protected]


“a tiny village with a great heart, where the skills and talents of the informed are channelled to the great benefit of the whole community and the spirit of the Meitheal is truly demonstrated”