Pledges from public visioning day Galway

Transitioning Galway To A Cleaner Future

galway city

On 11 July, the Judges visited Galway City to visit the Transition Galway Project.

Transition Galway is a local voluntary organisation that is focused on building a resilient and vibrant Galway for the future.  It is one of thousands of transition projects around the world. Galway Transition Project aims:

  • Build strong communities and a strong local economy to support a low carbon, sustainable Galway
  • Host community events, including film screenings, talks and practical workshops
  • Oversee a community garden planted at a local primary school in the city

In 2014, Transition Galway organised a series of open public visioning events. At these events, local people were invited to come up with practical and creative ideas for a low carbon, sustainable Galway by the year 2030.  

Cleaner Greener Galway On The Way

The judges began their visit with a tour of the community garden.  Then they had a presentation from Transition Galway about the vision and aims of the project. The ideas or “pledges” that came up from the public visioning were shared and produced into a single plan for Galway.  The Transition Galway project produced a video about what they want to give back to their city in order to ensure its future.

It was a very successful judging visit.  And the judges departed with confidence that the Galway they return to in the future will be a cleaner, greener lower carbon sustainable city, thanks to the work of Transition Galway Project and others like it.

For more information about Transition Galway, visit the Transition Galway Facebook.