Festina Lente Bray


On 16 July, The Judges Visited Festina Lente Bray, Co. Dublin

Festina Lente is a foundation which provides a range of training, occupational, learning and employment opportunities for people whose needs are not being met in mainstream services. They do this by offering courses for training, employment opportunities and community development.

The Judges were introduced to the people behind the equestrian centre, the walled gardens, and the green fingers of the garden centre.


Equestrian Centre Bray

At the Equestrian Centre, they were introduced to the horses which take part in services such as:

  • Therapeutic horse riding sessions
  • Horse education and caring
  • Special Olympics training

Afterwards, they visited the Walled Gardens which was leased by the organisation and refurbished through voluntarily funded work. Today it serves as a heritage site to a rich history that surrounds it.

horse3horse2 horse4





For more information, visit the Festina Lente Website or the Festina Lente Facebook.