Blackwater Women’s Group, Co. Kerry

This group was formed in 2002 with a view to creating initiatives to reduce the impact of loneliness in this very rural community. They said that “winning this prestigious national award is a recognition of seventeen years of community work dedicated to enriching the lives of the whole population in this small rural society.

Blackwater is an area designated as ‘disadvantaged’ with limited infrastructure or social amenities. And yet there is a pool of talent, interest, ideas and commitment within the community that has grown and developed through the work of The Blackwater Women’s Group. Activities implemented range across a broad spectrum including educational, sporting, cultural and social and they are inclusive of whole families and age demographics.

For the founders of the group, the challenge is to continue to encourage young members to come forward with ideas and energy to sustain the group in the years to come. Winning the award has been a major step in this direction, giving the whole community a real sense of pride in our place.”