If You Go Down To the Woods Today…

On 17 July the judges visited the Tuamgraney Community Woodland Initiative in Co. Clare.
Tuamgraney entered the Eco Community category.  In 2007 a parcel of land was donated to the community by a local family. The principle objectives of the project  were to create a community-managed :
  • Native woodland
  • Nature reserve
  • Ecological enclave
  • Resource for environmental sustainability education within the community
This is the first year that the Tuamgraney Community Initiative has entered in the Pride of Place competition.
The judges visited on 17 July, and a a large crowd came out to meet them and walk the woodlands. Children ran and played as a harpist provided beautiful music.  A member of the Tuamgraney Woodland Initiative, Mary Cassidy, said
It was a very happy atmosphere full of banter and we all enjoyed ourselves.
The judges left Tuamgraney a little tired after such a long nature walk!  But these local people are only just  getting started and there’s more to come from the Tuamgraney Woodland Initiative in Co Clare.

Transitioning Galway To A Cleaner Future

galway city

On 11 July, the Judges visited Galway City to visit the Transition Galway Project.

Transition Galway is a local voluntary organisation that is focused on building a resilient and vibrant Galway for the future.  It is one of thousands of transition projects around the world. Galway Transition Project aims:

  • Build strong communities and a strong local economy to support a low carbon, sustainable Galway
  • Host community events, including film screenings, talks and practical workshops
  • Oversee a community garden planted at a local primary school in the city

In 2014, Transition Galway organised a series of open public visioning events. At these events, local people were invited to come up with practical and creative ideas for a low carbon, sustainable Galway by the year 2030.  

Cleaner Greener Galway On The Way

The judges began their visit with a tour of the community garden.  Then they had a presentation from Transition Galway about the vision and aims of the project. The ideas or “pledges” that came up from the public visioning were shared and produced into a single plan for Galway.  The Transition Galway project produced a video about what they want to give back to their city in order to ensure its future.

It was a very successful judging visit.  And the judges departed with confidence that the Galway they return to in the future will be a cleaner, greener lower carbon sustainable city, thanks to the work of Transition Galway Project and others like it.

For more information about Transition Galway, visit the Transition Galway Facebook.



Stormy Seas But Smiles All Around

The Judges and the Committee

The judges arrived to a wonderful welcoming committee. For our first time entering the competition the judges made us feel more than comfortable in their presence.


A Storm On The Horizon

On 17 July the judges paid a visit to the seaside community of Magheroarty in Donegal. The currach club welcomed them and was just about to show off their paddling skills in the water, when the weather changed, causing stormy waters. The club showed off their currachs to the judges instead, and there was a lively discussion on how the currach club has contributed in many ways to the community of Magheroarty through their regular paddles on the lovely coastline.


The judges were introduced to the birthplace of the famous author of “Rotha Mór An tSaoil”, Micí MacGabhann.

Dr. Fidelma Mullane from the Heritage Council of Ireland has described the house as an archaeological find which has to be left untouched for a period of two years.

One of the judges was a little too tall for the doorways, but not to worry as locals kept an eye on him!

Visit to thatched cottage


Mosaic Artworks: You Are Here!

It was down to the beach after that, with a look at the wonderful mosaic maps that show visitors where they are in the area, as well as where they are in the solar system!

Tables at beach

To mark their first visit to the seaside community of Magheroarty, the judges were given a small handmade lobster pot made that morning by local fisherman John Mheabha.